On-demand Global Infrastructure, Rapid Platform Development & Managed Services

DWTI was formed in 1997 as a strategic resource providing platform and software engineering services. Over the years it has expanded to provide on-demand global infrastructure, rapid platform development, software engineering, Q&A, PMO and managed services. Its resources, strategic partnerships, business relationships and alliances with industry leaders such as AT&T, IBM/Softlayer, QTS provide for growing global support and networks comprised of 13 data centers and 17 points of presence. The DWTI management, technical and support teams have over 25+ years of combined experience and knowledge. Our services assist our customers to transform their products and services into global intelligent platforms based on unique applications of technology and service infrastructure.


To leverage our services, strategic partnerships, business relationships and alliances, industry leading technologies, service providers, business leadership and innovative business processes to generate, capture and deliver value for our customers in a professional and courteous manner that is always at your service.

Business Relationships & Alliances

Some of the business relationships and alliances through which DWTI provides or has provided services directly or indirectly include:


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Assistance, advice, and expertise

Our services are a fusion of the most powerful infrastructure and a top team of experts. This is why we can boldly offer technical support at any time, regardless of time zones or holidays.