Big Data


Big Data

Needs Big Iron

Businesses today create unprecedented amounts of data. Storing, processing, and pulling value from that data is no easy task. These unstructured (NoSQL) big data solutions demand scalable, powerful infrastructure.

Build your big data solution on a cloud platform built to perform. Completely customize your environment or get a head start with recommended best-practices-based hardware configurations we’ve configured.

Bare Metal Power

Avoid the performance costs of shared hardware in virtual systems.



The predictable performance of bare metal lets you plan ahead to scale as your operations grow.


Higher Scalability

Scale up, out, in, or down on demand, with two to four hour deployment and pay-as-you-go pricing.

Built-to-order Solutions

Combine and configure your ideal bare metal and big data application.

Big data isn’t confined to a particular database structure or software platform, so you aren’t restricted either when it comes to building your big data infrastructure on our platform.

Whether you’re creating the next big thing in big data platform architecture or you’re using proprietary software to gather, store, analyze, and deliver information to your application, you’ll benefit from the power of bare metal server resources.

Application-specific Best Practices

Big data gets a big head start

In collaboration with Cloudera, MongoDB, Inc., and Basho, we’ve developed optimized hardware configurations for their big data applications.

Consider these specs when you build your bare metal environment, and select your big data application in the shopping cart to have it provisioned onto your servers automatically.

Once you place your order, your bare metal infrastructure will be online and ready for you in 2-4 hours.

Cloud vs. On-Premises IT for Big Data

Save thousands by moving your big data to DWTI

Big data demands scalable IT infrastructure. Traditional on-premises environments require significant capital expenditures, capacity planning, and lead-time to accommodate the massive amounts of information captured by big data applications.

Use our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool to compare the costs of building your big data environment in-house with building it on DWTI.