Our top tier resources that have developed, managed and operated some of the world’s leading technology platforms for 25+ years bring your company a global, on-demand, scalable and results-oriented capability that generates, captures and delivers value.

Global Infrastructure

Rapid Platform Development

Managed Services

With 25+ years of collective experience in advanced systems design, multiple implementations, operations, and management, we are uniquely qualified to spot and navigate around problems before they appear and help you make the best IT related choices.

Global Infrastructure

We always manage IT infrastructures in such a way that your business comes to the foreground and IT infrastructure disappears in the background.

Rapid Platform Development

Our expertise helps clients make the best decisions regarding changes to their IT infrastructure and avoid a lot of problems during their planning phase.

Managed Services

Our expertise and know-how makes implementing IT solutions painless and you don’t have to mend it all the time.

Why run around searching  for piecemeal solutions when DWTI can help you do it right the first time?

Do IT Right

  • Database Normalization
  • Warehousing and Processing
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Low Latency Remote Object Instantiation and Error Flow Control
  • Rapid Development Resources

The First Time

  • Asynchronous/Synchronous Security Technologies
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Mobile App Development
  • On-demand Scalable Resources 
  • Global Infrastructure
  • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

With 13 data centers, 17 global POP’s, a full panoply of on-demand cloud services (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) and the support and backing offered by business partnerships and alliances (such as AT&T, IBM/Softlayer and QTS), there is nothing we cannot manage and make operate smoothly.

With DWTI, You Get

Data Center Services

DWTI provides you with a complete, integrated solution made up of top-tier data centers and unbeatable network solutions, all managed by a single pane of glass.

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Emerging Technologies

Quantum computing aims to solve problems far beyond the capability of the world’s most advanced supercomputers.

DWTI provides quantum simulators and quantum devices at the level of pulses, circuits, and algorithms.

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Rapid Platform Development Services

Custom platform development solutions and a full set of web development services — fully tailored to suit your needs and your budget — using rapid or traditional development best practices.

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Project Management Services

Getting things done in a digital world is our core competency. Organizing, communicating, collaborating, and producing requires an eye for strategy and a diversified skill set.

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Managed Global Infrastructure Services

Data centers across North America, Europe, and Asia allow you to provision cloud resources exactly where (and when) you need them.

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Managed Network Services

DWTI provides multiple services at the network layer, including data storage, manipulation, presentation, and analytics.

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Managed Security Services

We believe that a multi-layer security strategy is the best option for safeguarding your data, customer information, and uptime — not to mention your company’s reputation.

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24/7 NOC and TOC Support Services for Incident Event Management

Human-powered tech support is available at any time, regardless of time zone or holiday.

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DWTI has partnered up with IBM Quantum, pioneering the science of quantum computing, with access to 28 quantum computers scaling to 1,000 qubits and developing emerging technology platforms and software.

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