App Builder

Low Cost Apps

For our small to medium business customers we can offer competitive costs without compromising on the quality of design or coding. In our experience, a business owner can expect to spend a lot of money to get a good, personalized, native app with the design and the features wanted by the customer.

DWTI is pleased to announce that we offer a new app building service that allows you to create low cost but qualitative apps at half of the price tag mentioned above. We create a number of well-designed modules that would only need a minimal amount of customization to work out for almost any company.

Fully Flexible App Builder Service for Small Businesses

The continuous growth of the mobile sector coupled with decreased costs for online-related services led to an explosion of apps. Initially, apps were seen as eccentric or status statements from companies that could afford it. Small to medium business are increasingly finding it necessary to launch cost-effective apps. DWTI offers a competitive app building service in terms of price, delivery timetable, and quality. Low-cost apps need not be shabby looking and neither do they need to be lacking in style.

Personalized Features & Design Elements

The low-cost app is still personalized: customers can choose from a whole palette of options ranging from app looks, features, and functionalities.
A customer can easily make the app more personalized with pictures, images, logos and branded content.

Dynamic Update

The mobile segment is highly dynamic, and software updates are in high demand.
DWTI offers our customers full freedom of choice: from the basic option of creating a low-cost app to the hassle- free option of almost instant dynamic update that is included in the premium service package for a monthly fee.

Monitoring Tools

An app is first and foremost a tool to interact with the target audience of a business or organization.
Your customer base is a valuable source of information if you have the tools to read and interpret a lot of clues.
Our apps come equipped with tools to vital statistics such as page traffic, registered users or app adoption – your own intelligence agency to tell you what’s going on and what to expect.

Low Cost. Maximum Flexibility

Why shouldn’t apps be affordable for any business, however small? If you can’t find a reasonable objection, neither can we!
Since we strongly believe in offering the choice to the customer, you will find our offer is truly flexible in regards to features, maintenance or pricing. Sadly, we are pretty inflexible when it comes to our quality standards, but that is a drawback our clients just have to live with.

Full support anytime

Assistance, advice, and expertise

Our services are a fusion of the most powerful infrastructure and a top team of experts. This is why we can boldly offer technical support at any time, regardless of time zones or holidays.