Connection That’s Fully Yours

Minimize the distance your data has to travel, avoiding network traffic jams, decreasing latency, and improving your end-user experience.

We don’t just allow you to simplify, secure, and speed up data transfer between your private infrastructure and your DWTI services. At DWTI you can create a new hybrid solution that leverages the best of your in-house resources and the DWTI platform. Plug into DWTI’s private network with a Direct Link via a Network Service Provider, Cloud Exchange Provider, or Colocation Provider and enjoy unparalleled network performance to and from your DWTI infrastructure.



1Gbps or 10Gbps network connections so that you can move data to and from your on-premises data center.


You control every node on your network path thus protecting your sensitive, business-critical data.


Save on data transfer to and from your servers in every DWTI data center across our private network.

How Direct Link Works

Our network engineers will work with you and your network service provider, cloud exchange provider, or colocation provider to cross-connect your router to ours, and we’ll enable a private and secure 1Gbps or 10Gbps connection to your DWTI servers across the private network.

To experience the full freedom of access to your servers on the DWTI platform, get Direct Link.

Being connected to our private network, all traffic across your Direct Link and between your servers does not touch the public network or interfere with your public network traffic.

Connectivity Options

  • Local Routing — Local Routing is the standard Direct Link connectivity. With Local Direct Link, all traffic between your network and the local DWTI data center(s) is free and unmetered across the Direct Link.
  • Global Routing — Optional Global Routing connectivity is available for all Direct Link entry points. Global Direct Link provides private network access from your network to all DWTI data centers around the world. With Global Routing, all ingress traffic to DWTI is free and unmetered. The first 10TB of egress traffic is included at no additional cost on 1Gbps Global Direct Link circuits, and the first 50TB of egress traffic is included at no additional cost on 10Gbps Global Direct Link circuits.

Direct Link Entry Points

Direct Link NSP

Create a single-cloud fiber cross-connection via a Network Service Provider (NSP) in a DWTI network point of presence (PoP). This Direct Link option engages an NSP to run last-mile links directly between a router on your network and a DWTI router.

DWTI network engineers facilitate end-to-end connectivity with the NSP, and you have access to your DWTI infrastructure in the local DWTI data center. To expand your Direct Link connectivity to enable private network traffic to all DWTI locations, you can opt to add global routing to your Direct Link.

Direct Link Cloud Exchange

Engage a service provider to run last-mile links to a DWTI cloud exchange provider, and DWTI network engineers establish virtual cross-connects for you via the exchange provider. With this DWTI, you have access to your DWTI infrastructure in the local DWTI data center, and you have the option to add global routing to expand your Direct Link connectivity to enable private network traffic to all DWTI locations. This Direct Link option is perfect for multi-cloud connectivity in a single environment.

Direct Link Colocation

If your gear is already installed in a Colocation Provider’s facility near or adjacent to a DWTI data center, our network engineers will work with you and the colocation provider to facilitate end-to-end connectivity between your hardware and your DWTI infrastructure. Direct Link Colocation provides fast, secure, and uninterrupted access from your owned hardware to your DWTI infrastructure in the local DWTI data center, and if you want to expand your Direct Link’s network footprint, you have the option to add global routing and enable private network traffic between all DWTI locations. To take advantage of Direct Link Colocation in a new data center, the DWTI team can arrange the acquisition of Colocation Cabinet space near or adjacent to a Direct Link Colocation facility.

Popular Use Cases

Fully Integrated Hybrid Environment

Blur the lines between on-prem and off-prem resources. With a high speed, direct network link between your data centers and ours, you can move data between servers (literally) at the speed of light.

Frequent (and Massive) Backup and Storage

Backup or store huge volumes of data from your corporate data centers on your DWTI infrastructure (or the other way around) without paying us a cent for bandwidth. And because you have a dedicated network connection, your transfer rates will be fast, consistent, and reliable.

Super-Secure Data

Customers moving sensitive financial, health, or government-regulated data to and from our cloud platform can further ensure its security by completely avoiding exposure to the public Internet at all times.

Direct Link Pricing

Direct Link is available in 1Gbps and 10Gbps port speeds on three types of circuits. Direct Links come standard with Local Routing, and Global Routing is available on all circuits for a flat monthly fee.

Data Transfer Billing

The connectivity of your Direct Link NSP, Direct Link Cloud Exchange, or Direct Link Colocation circuit can be upgraded with Global Routing to all DWTI data centers around the world for a flat monthly fee. Reference the table below for included ingress and egress data transfer available with Local and Global Routing.