Ensure Uniform Performance

Distribute traffic loads so that no single device gets overwhelmed. DWTI load balancing solutions allow configurability and flexibility to manage the traffic and resource usage of server nodes in your environment.

Local, global, and high availability options can be activated, changed, and deactivated at any time. And if you have questions about which load balancing solution is the best fit for your application, our experts have answers.

Better Uptime

Mitigate traffic spikes by distributing the load, and protect your servers from unnecessary downtime.

More Responsive

Balance traffic between available resources, so end users do not face traffic jams and slowdowns.

Easy to Use

Manage load balancer configuration and performance directly through DWTI API and Web portal.

Local Load Balancing

DWTI Local Load Balancing utilizes industry-standard techniques including round-robin, lowest latency, least connections, shortest response, and IP persistence to balance traffic among two or more servers. It can be activated and configured in real-time, with servers added to or removed from the balancing pool on-demand with little or no downtime.

Local & Global Load Balancing

Distribute traffic between your servers in one or multiple DWTI data centers with Citrix NetScaler VPX. These multifunction network appliances can perform DNS-based local and global load balancing, so you have complete control over how your client traffic will be balanced across your servers.

High Availability Dedicated Load Balancers

Dedicated Load Balancers are available for environments with higher capacity. These load balancers are also accessible in a high availability option featuring failover protection and automatic fallback.

Balance Budgets While Load Balancing

Estimate the cost savings of building on DWTI.

Should you host your complex IT environment on-premises or move it to the cloud? Use our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool to calculate your expected savings when you deploy your infrastructure footprint on the DWTI platform rather than creating an in-house environment.