DWTI’s Special “No Worries” Service

Forget data loss or data corruption exists: with our enterprise-level storage and disaster recovery solutions we can guarantee your data safety. While no one expects data corruption or loss, maintaining a backup is your best safety net.

DWTI provides turnkey EVault and R1Soft automatic backup solutions, as well as the ability to create your own using our virtual or bare metal server running your own backup application.

EVault Backup

Automated backup to SAN

EVault Backup is an enterprise-level backup storage and disaster recovery solution hosted on an internal iSCSI mount, available for local access at each data center. Backups can be set to follow hourly, daily, weekly, or according to custom schedules.

Easy to Use

Initiate backups and restores, and configure all options through a simple graphical user interface.


Set custom schedules, and target full systems, specific directories, or even individual files.


Targeting specific data in Exchange, SQLServer, Sharepoint, MSClusters, and Oracle servers.

R1Soft Server Backup

Cost effective, disk-to-disk backup that can span multiple servers

R1Soft Server Backup provides high-performance disk-to-disk server backup, featuring a central management and data repository.

It protects data at the block level, and unique disk blocks on the server are stored only once across all recovery points, increasing storage efficiency.



Speed up backups from hours to minutes with faster read/write speeds and data transfer.


Supports bare metal as well as virtual server restore and recovery functionality.

Easy to Use

Configure all options, backup data, and restore through a simple Web-based graphical interface.